MIUI 1.10.21 - I9100 Bugs


Dec 4, 2010
I thought I should tell the bugs that I see so maybe the devs will fix them on the comming relases.

High and HD video recording doesnt work.

If i turn off the phone then plug in the charger the phone will turn on after showing the charging animation for 5-10 secs.

The softkeys lights sometimes dont turn on after turing on the screen , I dont use the automatic brightness.

After changing the font , there are some parts that still use the old font.

Hope they will get fixed soon.
And thanks for your work!
Bluetooth connections sometimes are shot but works still.. my only issue so far is that, other than the hd videos... it seems to drain battery quite fast on my s2.. not sure though.. i have my setcpu to 200-1400 conservative profile.. hmmm
On settings->phone info version is 1.10.14

the rom version is correct, the problem was the language pack.

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Coming from 1.10.14, having an issue with Droid Incredible and 1.10.21 where when dialing a contact number from my phone it shows "unknown number" at top of screen where it should have the contact/name I'm dialing. No issue with this on 1.10.14....
Yes you're right, it was the. Language pack, they already solve it.

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/\/\/\/\/\ Is there a download fix for this? Don't see any update yet?

EDIT: Figured out this is a Google Voice issue, when not using GV to place calls the contact number is displayed. Strange because this issue isn't there in the 1.10.14 build. Not a big deal but some how this new version (1.10.21) has this problem....????
I confirm no high and 1080p video recording

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One annoying bug is the no service bug. Force Closing the dialer brings back the network but it vanishes again after sometime. Hope this gets fixed sooner.
Bug: whenever any photo is uploaded from gallery to facebook (using the fb app.) the photo is deleted from the phone, is this a bug? or is there a simple fix for this?