MIUI 1.11.4 Changelog


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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

Here is this weeks changelog....

<li>Optimisation to reduce power consumption when using 3G data (MI-ONE only)</li>
<li>Fix sound problems with HD2 libaudio reducing sonic-boom effect problem</li>
<li>Updated Galaxy S2 kernel for better optimisation / performance</li>
Read on for full list of changes...

<li>Fix problems with the Sim Toolkit icon overlapping with other items</li>
<li>Optimisation for changing the default wallpaper, need to re-apply the default theme, see theme style &gt; default (MI-ONE only)</li>
<li>Optimisation of the application, new font based themes will be prompted to restart phone</li>
<li>Fix problems setting ringtones through the system causing problems with FCs</li>
<li>Optimisation algorythm, autofocus camera (with auto-focus open, see the camera settings) (MI-ONE only)</li>
<li>Fix problem in some cases the camera application freezes / hangs</li>
<li>Fix some issues with Camera silence when taking photos</li>
<li>Optimisation of video thumbnail loading speed</li>
<li>Fix in some cases third-party applications choosing to open via gallery for images causes FC</li>
<li>Fix in some cases when clearing gallery thumbnail cache, the cache is not cleared</li>
<li>Fix problem where gif animations are not loaded with the animation</li>
<li>Fix in some cases the video thumbnail cannot be loaded (MI-ONE only)</li>
<li>Optimisation of WMA, APE encoding formats</li>
<li>Fix problem with file names containing punctuation, audio files unable to be played back</li>
<li>Added support to backup local MMS</li>
<li>Search optimisation settings, support for partial matched keyword searches</li>
<li>Removal of LED settings for Samsung models because these models do not have the LED function</li>
<li>Optimisation of the default navigation pane layout, optimisation of switching screen orientation to give more usable screen space</li>
<li>Optimisation to significantly improve page zoom fluency</li>
<strong>Update Manager:</strong>
<li>Automatically sign-in ranking optimization, and better support for multi-language display.</li>
<li>Fix micro-channel audio card issues</li>
<li>Fix problems starting up the barcode scanning app (MI-ONE only)</li>
<div>Other changes are possible but this is an overview of the core changes.</div>