MIUI 1.3.18 2.2 Froyo lockscreen


Dec 5, 2010
First of all thank you Mark for your continuous support for the ROM. Your dedication is just amazing!

I was just wondering if the lockscreen in MIUI 1.3.18 2.2 Froyo update would be used for the 2.3 rom as well. Personally I find it not as elegant as the old lockscreen.

The bar that is used to unlock is beautiful but the sms preview placin is a bit too high up in my opinion. Also the battery charging icon made the lockscreen loses it's elegant taste. The previous subtle light rays that comes from the bottom of the screen feels like a better touch to fit the overall white theme of the new UI.

Just my personal opinion on this. ;)
There are some things that I like about it and others that I dont like. Here is a list:

pros: it's not that bad looking and we will be able to theme it later on (hopefully we can change the battery as well as the lock screen theme)

cons: cant slide up, need to press on time to see the date, music control not well seen when a dark wallpaper is used, battery shown should be filled in red and not green when low (hope they add customization for the colors in the future) (or some warning sign instead of just saying it needs charging).

anyways, i wish the lock screen will one day be as smooth as the one in the Meizu M9 phone (link shown below). It is so nice to be able to slide up the dial pad like that.

Yeah I totaly agree!
The old charging indicator was so cool. I also prefer to see the date without having to tap the slider.