MIUI 1.6.10 Reboot issues with SMS / Phone [FIX]


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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

A lot of people have been posting in the forums regarding reboot issues with the latest MIUI ROM. Basically if you did not already know, MIUI China introduced a new permissions management system into the ROM a few weeks ago, starting with the Phone and SMS permissions functions, this was then extended to the Superuser.apk as a method of License / Trust management for applications which access the SMS and PHONE functions.

As a result of this new security feature people have been having issues with third party applications such as WhatsApp, YahooIM and other third party applications. The issue being reboots on devices when receiving text messages or phone calls.

To resolve this issue you must first open the Superuser application and make sure that Manage permissions is enabled. Then in the list of Applications look for the third party applications which you have installed, all apps which access SMS and PHONE functions will be listed in the Superuser application, App list.

For each application in the list you need to ensure that the setting is 'Allow' instead of Always ask or Denied (Obviously the latter is inadvisable).

By allowing the applications 'Allow' this solves any reboot issues caused when receiving messages or calls.

Post in our bug forum if the problem persists, also try wiping Dalvik-Cache and standard Cache to remove any other possible causes for reboots or FC (Force closes).