MIUI 1.6.24 English packs uploaded


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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

Sorry for the delay on this weeks packs, we can 100% guarantee this is the last week they will be this late in the day.

The good news first, our automated scripting to handle pack build and translations is done, this was written by us and not taken from XDA or anywhere else for that matter.

We've spent only 2 days scripting out the entire system, quite an achievement when you consider that now we can process / compile each device against its specific apks and framework resources. This should mean a lot less issues with the ROM and give people more of a stock experience for their device/s.

Head over to the ROM page to get your pack! T959, Captivate etc packs will be coming over the weekend we've just got to sort out the repository for the pack files and we can publish them each week automagically.