MIUI 1.7.8 Changelog


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Nov 6, 2010
Here's this weeks changelog written back into English by hand to make more sense :)

Recommended updates:
1. Application of Theme .mtz files now almost 100 x faster
2. Faster single image browsing in Gallery application
3. Online contact photo storage and bulk selection

Added new Milestone application memory resident controls
Fixed issue where in some cases lockscreen themes causes reboot

Optimisation of call recording, notification is now shown in status bar to indicate recording and a prompt to remind to stop when the call is ended
Optimisation of network priority settings 3G only or 3G preferred
Optimised call log filter to display dialled and received calls
Fix issue with sensors creating call issues
Fixed issue when Call forwarding is enabled the desktop status bar disappears
Fixed dial list cannot delete a new contact record
Fixed problem when deleting a contact from call log or contacts does not remove the contact from the call log
Fixed issue with incoming and outgoing call icons

New contact picture support using online storage, set up to support individual or bulk selection.
Added support for SIM card contacts to add, edit and delete (the contact list menu - import and export - import from sim card)
Optimise send contacts via SMS using MIUI format, select Contacts > Contact name > Menu > Share and select SMS
Fixed contact details truncation

Added feature when creating new text message or mms, select from recently contacted list
Optimised messaging list pane scrolling efficiency and reduced memory footprint
Optimisation of the first call to the recipient will be prompted to join mass edit title, then repeat prompt (7.6)
Quick Search Box to optimise the recipient automatically hide after 3 seconds
Fix in some cases where app causes memory issues / FC

Lockscreen & Status bar:
New Variety lock lock screen music control screen support (need theme maker update mtz package; not support display album art) (7.6)
Added support for custom lock screen by subject under the status bar display
Fixed issue where unlocking to selected app causes FC if the app is not installed (When using new variety lockscreen themes)

Optimisation of Music widget

Camera repair DHD 720P problems

Optimise the use of the new format theme mtz files, mtz files have nearly 100 times faster application (OTA will be reset to the default theme, back up the current theme! Legacy application transformation theme packs prompt will pop up, only after conversion application)
Theme led to a continuous application of repair items are not properly updated in some local themes
Repair theme details page, browse around the theme and apply, the theme page shows the wrong details
Fix for package does not include the subject of the app icons and size issues

Optimise picture browsing by up to 5 times, clear Gallery data for new library to take effect
Optimise the page layout and UI display
Repair timestamp and magnified image blur problems
Fixed SD card tab view cannot scan media items when selected
Problem with Thumbnail picture display (Need to clear the library cache: File Explorer -> SD card -> Menu -> Show hidden files and then navigate to MIUI/.cache/ and delete the folder named gallery

Download manager:
Filter downloads by classification e.g. direct download, app share, music, themes and via browser
New slide gesture to select single or multiple files

1 day per month fixed SMS and other statistical problems of inaccurate data resolved

Added support for searching for stations when clicking on the channel display area
Added support for new radio station list, remove, edit, and name of the radio station
Added support to add current station choice to stations list when selecting Menu > Add station
Optimise on / off button switch
Fix some problems where search on Defy causes FC when looking for radio stations

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