MIUI 1.8.12 Greek language pack


Nov 15, 2010
Installation notes

If you re new to MIUI wipe data/factory reset,wipe partition cache and dalvik cache
If you re just updating from previous wipe partition cache and dalvik cache.
Install chinese deoxeded
Install Greek pack without leaving recovery.
Reboot and you 're done

Notes regarding A2SD
If A2SD is not working for any reason,wipe data/factory reset,wipe partition cache,wipe dalvik cache and flash the rom with the pack.After first boot install terminal emulator and type:
A2SD reinstall

The phone will reboot.After it boots then you can type
A2SD cachesd

Download for HTC Desire
Greek pack:http://www.multiupload.com/0GJQXNW36T v2 with some fixes for FM and Backup applications

Download for HTC Desire HD
Greek pack:http://www.multiupload.com/RKEL9L3JB8

Download for Galaxy S2-Beta
Full ROM:http://www.multiupload.com/XRRTSLRQJW

Possible pack for Galaxy S2 if someone is going to update the english version :)
Why these packs are device specific?
I tried to use one of them on my ideos X5, whicd doesn't listed and didn't work.
I thought that translations of OS were universal and for all devices. At least this happens to Cyanogenmod and AOSP roms that I've tried in past(on a different device).
And what needed to do to use the translation on this MIUI rom?
Because a crucial application named framework-res.apk and boot.img are different for each phone.
If there isnt a base chinese pack then i d have to start from scratch to make a port for it and honestly i dont have that much time.
This rom, as developer mention, is Based on the Desire-Z Miuiandroid.com release available here: http://deodex.miuiandroid.com/miuian...reZ-1.8.12.zip
And I thought that needed to just take the greek language folders from language pack' s framework-res and put them on rom's framework-res package. And I think that because is the same version(1.8.12) the translation will fit.
I tried to do it myself but I couldn't recompile the package.
So, if the above infos don't make things easier for you can you please PM me(in greek better) how I can do it myself what I'm gonna need? I'm using linux as OS the last months, but I can return to windows for this job if needed.
Thanks in advance.
All I need is a working eng or chinese rom for ideos.do u have it?

Ok found it under XDA.I ll make greek pack for next release
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Hi, i have a problem and i cant find a solution.. My usb transfer speed is very slow in my desire. What can i do to improve it??
Well guys I flashed the rom and there aren't google apps such us maps.. Is it normal? How can I install google maps? I can't find it on market!!!!