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May 26, 2020
I just wanna use the default app icons. I'm a Poco F2 owner, and rooting is not an option for me. Even with safety pass my banking app does not work (I tried several times). I also tried what @LeonBH said, but the icons does not change. Can anyone please help me with this?


Apr 27, 2017

We know that Xiaomi.eu gives on their own icon pack, and we who come from the global MIUI are used to those simple and lovely icons.
Well, I managed to unpack the old system.img file from the global rom and extracted the icons and packed them all here in a simple flashable zip file.
Extracted also MIUI12 mod icons, so two files are added to download. Choose as you like, but to be honest, there is no difference on design between these files in MIUI12.

I don't know if you can flash MIUI12 pack on MIUI11!

Please report back device you installed and worked.

Thank you,

Version v1.1 updated
- zip files are signed

Version v1.0:
- zip signature not provided, please untick zip verification when flashing in TWRP
- all old icons are deleted and the new ones are installed
- system partition mounted and unmounted by the script

MIUIV11 and MIUIV12 available but I don't know the difference.
Tested both, currently running with MIUI12 pack installed on my MI9T

1. Copy to sd card
2. Boot to TWRP recovery
3. Choose install
4. untick reboot
5. slide to install
6. Wipe Dalvik/Cache
7. Reboot

After reboot change theme to something else and go back to Default again

My own google drive: https://bit.ly/iconsmiui

Confirmed to work on:
- Redmi K20 / MI 9T
- MIX 2S

Not working on:
Hi guys, I want to download themes/my themes/icons/favorite icons so how can do it.


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Nov 29, 2019
If you don't want to use the custom Xiaomi.eu icons (which are great by the way)
Just root and install the magisk module.
This makes it future proof, without going through all the stress of unpacking and repacking ROM.
Can I get this Magisk module bossman

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Feb 18, 2021
Hi, is it possible to flash iconpacks which i bought through playstore?
I don't want to use 3rd party launcher because they break the navigation gestures.
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Oct 23, 2020
Hi, is it possible to flash iconpacks which i bought through playstore?
I don't want to use 3rd party launcher because they break the navigation gestures.
No, MIUI don't have this function for customize icon, you can only change icon by MIUI THEME STORE.
and sadly XIAOMI.EU icon well not effect you change....
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Dec 6, 2020
Hi, is it possible to flash iconpacks which i bought through playstore?
I don't want to use 3rd party launcher because they break the navigation gestures.

If you want gesture navigation in Android 11, then take a look at this guide and the ZIP file that a dev made.

Guide for Navigation Gestures
ZIP File

I use FNG in its Pro version since the normal version gave me a bug where it removed the applied theme. Everything works perfect.


Jun 15, 2021
People that used the magisk module might have seen that it removes some of the stock miui apps icons too (like compass, updater, calendar, contacts, etc), replacing them with uglier icons
also it removes the white frame that appears around 3rd party icons
so i have created a modified version of that module, it will delete 3rd party themed icons, but preserves miui app icons, and icon masks
here's a link to the modified mod
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Mar 9, 2021
To install a Magisk module:

1) In Magisk app, tap on the "Puzzle piece" icon
2) Tap on "Install from storage" button (at the top)
3) Chose the Magisk module (zip file)
4) Install then reboot

Magisk module to remove "miui_mod_icons" content => MIUI-Remove_MIUI_MOD_ICONS-Magisk.zip

IMPORTANT: After reboot, re-apply your phone's theme to update icons. :)
Thank you so much, Poney70. Your Magisk module works on my mi10pro. I try the twrp method but it doen't work. I can't modify "/system" partition in TWRP. Now, I install your magisk module, it works prefectly on mi10pro.
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Aug 19, 2021
== Global MIUI 11 / 12 icons pack installation ==

IMPORTANT: After installation, do not forget to re-apply your theme to see the changes!

TWRP installation:

- For Global MIUI 11 icons => xiaomi.eu_MIUIv11_icon_pack_v1.2.zip

- For Global MIUI 12 icons => xiaomi.eu_MIUIv12_icon_pack_v1.2.zip

To simply remove all modified icons => TWRP_Remove_MIUI_MOD_ICONS.zip


Magisk module installation:

- For Global MIUI 11 icons => MIUI-MIUIv11_icon_pack-Magisk.zip

- For Global MIUI 12 icons => MIUI-MIUIv12_icon_pack-Magisk.zip

To simply remove all modified icons => MIUI-Remove_MIUI_MOD_ICONS-Magisk.zip

Thanks so much!! You are indeed a lifesaver. Worked on Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 running xiaomi.eu 12.5.3 rom. Installed using Magisk Module Installer. Every single Icon looks just as the global MIUI version :) Also sorry for commenting on such an old post.
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