New MIUI 11.0.8 - Mi File Explorer Create a .FE_TMP in SDCard and block by Mi Antivirus causing an access issue on it.


Apr 29, 2019
Phone : Pofo F1
ROm: Xiaomi MIUI 11.0.8

When moving a file using Mi File Explorer in an SD Card , it creates a .fe_tmp file in the root folder of it that will cause the System to think that the SD Card Storage needs to be fixed. When ignored, the SD Card will automatically be corrupted then will cause a lag or freezes for a moment of time as an indication that the SD Card Access had been lost.

To resolve this. YOu need to boot to your recovery like TWRP with a File MAnager and then access the SD Card root and delete this .fe_tmp.
Then do not use Transferring files through MI File Exlplorer , but do it in another file manager app.
Running the file in MI File Explorer is ok but as much as possible do not do file transfers on it within SD Card filesystem since t will create an .fe_tmp in its main root folder that will cause the issue above to happened.