MIUI 2.1.6 - Call problem


Jan 11, 2012
When some trying to call me, phone not show incoming call. Everything working aswell.

Anyone know help ?
I've been on 2.1.6 since it came out and tons of incoming calls have come in.

which phone?
Desire S. Some calls working good, but calls from some friends dont show up as incoming call. Looks like some blocked call, but it does it on random.

Desire S
MIUI 2.1.6 (Czech)
Android 2.3.7 (So not ICS, where's not possible to call)
Im pretty sure, that DND mode is disable. But easy question. How can i check it, or how can i turn it on/off. I dont change anything after fresh install, expect adding all contacts from contact list to white list.