Miui 2.3.23 to 2.3.30


Mar 29, 2012
Hey i just saw that the 2.3.30 is about to come out and whondered if i could do a online update
or if i needed to download the update.zip and transfer it to my sd card and then install it to xiaomi in recovery mode?

Do i have to do it this way?
or can i update it online ?
can i only follow step 7, 8 and 9?

edit: is it possible to update with miui OTA?

Just did the update this way and it worked perfect.
Downloaded the 2.3.30 update.zip put in on the root of the sd card. and followed the steps below.

This was done on an already updated 2.3.23 ICS Xiaomi m1 Mi-one phone so if you havent updated to MIUI ICS before follow the guide linked to under aand this one to be sure it works.


For Xiaomi M1 Mi-one: http://miuiandroid.com/community/threads/how-to-flash-new-miui-for-mi-one.15727/

  1. In MIUI, launch the "Updater" app
  2. Menu > Select Installation pack > (browse to the root of your sd card and select "miuiandroid_mione-2.3.9c.zip") > Update now
  3. I think it got installed