MIUI 2.6.8 Multilanguage?


Jun 14, 2012
Hi all guys
I switched from past version of MIUI Rom to the newest one. On the other versions I usually apply an additional italian pack via CWM to set the Rom language. I noticed that 2.6.8 is a multilanguage Rom but I still can't understand how can I change the language. Anyone can help me?
Go to settings -> language and input, then select italian. ;)


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I already tryed out that before posting my question here but if I go to settings -> language and input, under "language" I can find only several types of far east languages (different types of chinese I suppose), UK english and USA english. I can't find not only italian but also no one other language listed on the changelog. Is something went wrong?

great god. ty man, but i though that forum links here were the multimiui

so now there are 2 packs: english+chinese only and multilanguage, right?