Miui Contact accounts not reflecting contents


Mar 25, 2013
This is something I have noticed for some time. However, I will now quantify what is happening. This is within the Miui contacts list.

When I go into Contacts, and click on the current account showing, I get 6 different accounts; the last 3 are not particularly relevant here (SIM card 1; SIM card 2; SDN 2).
I have 3 accounts showing that are relevant, together with the number of people in that account. The accounts are : Skype; Local; Google.
Skype shows 188 people. When I click on that, I get 168 contacts listed (according to the top count visible)
Local shows 1 person. Clicking on that shows 33 contacts on the visible count.
Google shows 143 people. Clicking on that shows 134 contacts on the visible count. There are in fact 134 when counted.
I go into another app (Contacts) and select the Google account. There are 143 people. I look on my Google contacts list online - there are 143 people.
Back to the Miui list, the Skype account shows 188 people. I click on it and 168 people are listed.
The Local account shows 0 people. I click on it and 32 people are listed!
The figures against the accounts seem to be correct, but the actual names listed do not equal that figure.

Could someone please explain the discrepancies between what is the number of people the Contacts list says there should be, and the number of people actually listed and displayed. I do not understand it at all!
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I have discovered a setting that says "Hide incomplete numbers". This was on. When I turned it off, the 143 people appeared. I shall have to look to see how that works, and why. But at least all of the Google names are now displayed.
But that still does not explain why 32 people are listed when there should be 0.
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