MIUI goal for the next 2 weeks!!


Nov 7, 2010
google translate :)

Recent new kernel upgrade, document management, traffic monitoring, theme, gallery (next week) and so a lot of new feature development, but also brings a certain degree of instability of the system.

About MIUI ROM product development ideas and priorities, we all asked different angles, I unified answer:

1. Telephone, text messaging and other core functions of the stability is the highest priority;

2. Second, the commonly used procedures compatible;

3. Finally, the current models fit the part of the system-level optimization and the development of apps;

4. Over time, I hope the UI, UE consistency and ease of use to a higher level

I just read the first draft of version 3 of the UI program, the basic to the more concise results, could not hide the love and excitement:)

Thats Great, and cant w8 for the miui gallery! gallery3d from google sucks!