MIUI issues & bugs | GB 2.2.17 and 2.2.24 on HTC Desire GSM


Feb 24, 2012
First, MIUI is a great ROM, I think it suits my HTC Desire GSM best, but I noticed 3 issues with it.

- mobile data fallback doesn't work after a longer period of WiFi usage (won't reconnect, I have to enable and disable flight mode or restart to get mobile data working again)

- in-built messaging after selecting one or two contacts from a phonebook (600+ contacts, synced with google acc. btw); sms compose field dissappears

- with car audio bluetooth sync works only with phonebook but not with received, missed, dialled (audi a6 05 car audio MMI 2G). For example with 2.2.17 only missed calla were not synced...

Does anyone else have the same issues?
For example, I restore my phone back to HiApk Sensefun GS v1.1 (And. ver: 2.3.3) where all these things works perfectly, except Cisco Anyconnect when I "get reboot" after it should establish tunnel (MIUI works there).

My device info:
HBOOT: 0.93.001
I have forwarded this thread to Xiaomi's MIUI Team for some investigation, it may also be worth a full wipe when flashing the ROM just in case you didnt already try?

No guarantee of a fix but i've highlighted this issue as some are duplicates of other peoples problems so its worth reporting other incidents with the same issue.
Hi MarkHUK,

Of course, I did a full wipe before flashing procedure.

Thank You, I hope for the best.