Miui Lockscreen Security Issue

Dec 19, 2016
Hi All,

I've noticed many themes I have downloaded have revealed a Miui lockscreen security issue.

If you use "Swipe to unlock" with the pattern unlock, in the brief time between the two screens it will display your unlocked phone.

For example, I have the "Nightshade" theme installed. If I have my mobile banking application open, and then use the power button to lock my screen, if you power on the screen and swipe up the mobile banking application will appear shortly before the pattern unlock screen appears.

This happens on stable of xiaomi.eu.

Has anybody else noticed this, and does anybody know if this is fixed in later versions?

Jan 13, 2014
Im using 6.12.29 version and have the same problem like yours.
We can see what behind our unlock screen briefly right?
I dont know what cause this, but i suspect its because modified lockscreen themes.

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Dec 19, 2016
Thanks for confirming, it's interesting to know it's not a problem that is fixed in later versions.

It looks like what we see may only be a 'screenshot' of what we were viewing before we locked the phone.

For example, if I have the SMS app open, then lock the screen, then receive a message, the SMS app that briefly appears on the lock screen has not updated with the new message.

Strangely if you are on the home screen when the phone is locks only the background wallpaper appears, not the icons or widgets.

These themes must be set up incorrectly somehow...