May 18, 2018
Hey! :emoji_metal:

In order to powefull my MI 10T PRO 5G, I have recently installed the ROM/version HMK30SUltra_MI10T (MIUI v14.0.5.0.SJDCNXM)

The installation went smoothly without any problems.
Strange situations began to appear after .... :emoji_unamused:

I will leave some things that I remember at the moment:

- Notification sounds keep changing to default after a while. Even after changing them in the app or system settings, after a while they change back to the phone's default sound.

- Sometimes a message appears saying that I don't have sync active, so I need to activate it. I have everything automatic. For example, in the BlueMail app, when opening the email box, a message appears sometimes saying that messages are not being synchronized, so i have to activate it. Even after it's active after a while it asks again to turn on sync

- When receiving a call, when i put in my ear and if i look at the screen, the proximity sensor (i think) it doesn't always activate quickly, there is a delay... Not always, but I notice that sometimes the screen doesn't turn on quickly.

??? I don't know if deleting everything and reinstalling the ROM can help, or if I can do something else to try to see if everything works normally. ???

Has anyone ever had a similar issue like this ??
Would it be better to use the original ROM?
What i can do or try ???

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had similar issues with mi 10 ultra.
but I've been having many issues other than sound. actually mine changed to custom sound I previously had before even flashing.
Now that I think about it, it could be that it synced with mi account or mi cloud ? so it revert to previous saved settings ?? it's just a guess
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