MIUI music player API


Jan 8, 2011
Hello there!
I am just wondering if the API for the music player of MIUI has been released by the developers? If not, are they planning to?
I am asking this because I am currently using GOTO lock screen and to be able to control the music playback from the lock screen, the developer needs the API.
Let me know please.
I'm not sure if the Chinese developers like to release that sort of stuff, but I think your best bets would be to either PM MarkHUK and ask if he can ask them, or make an account at miui.com and PM the people in MIUI Development Group directly. Make sure to specify that you don't want the code, just the API; you're not trying to steal or copy from it, you just want to make it compatible with another app.

Hopefully, the Chinese are sympathetic enough to comply. Good luck.
Thanks for such a quick reply!
Actually, I just discovered quite a few bugs with the GOTO lock screen that made me switch back to the MIUI stock lock.
I told the developer about those bugs and hopefully once they are fixed, I will be asking for the API. But for now, stock all the way!