MIUI Music player: lyrics


Feb 23, 2012
Dear all,
I am using MIUI since about a year, and I am very happy with it !
The best ROM for my HTC Desire so far!
The only "small" drawback I can find is the Music player, and more precisely the lyrics search.
I don't know which database you're using but 98% of my music is unknown.
I guess using a bigger database would enhance the quality of the player.
Or let people decide which lyric database to use?
BTW, does the player is able to read and display embedded lyrics in the file?

If you have information, that would be great !
Thanks in advance

The lyric system could use an overhaul, but I don't know many sites with an API like that.

Tunewiki is great, but they take down LOTS of lyrics due to publishers requests.
An app like MusicKN, from Kayan Nurav, does this work pretty well... check the market about it !
But if the MIUI player could be able to do so, it would be very nice :)