MIUI Music sorting


May 13, 2011
I don't know when exactly it started (it's like 15-20 days now) but the sorting songs has changed. Before my songs were sorted by track number in ID3 tag but now it's sorted alphabeticly.. I was searching for some switch or anything in Settings to turn it off but I was not successful. Can you add this option in next version please?

And Last.FM support would be great too (if it's on your side).

Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.
I temporarily made this:
I extracted MIUIMusic.apk from older ROM and copied it on my SDcard.
Then in terminal:
mv /sdcard/MiuiMusic.apk /system/app/
chmod 644 /system/app/MiuiMusic.apk

after that it's important to go to Setting -> Applications -> Manage Applications -> All -> MiuiMusic.apk -> Clear data

Then it does not force close and it works. Bad it is because it does not solve my problem. I'm just using the old app.
Why can I not sort my music playlist by track numbers is MIUI music? It only seems to do a-z?! Or am I missing something
In 1.5.13, it's sorted by track number, but only if you actually HAVE the track number in the ID3 tag.

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finally, I am a bit anal about my music, so ALL of it is tagged properly, with artist, album, track no and name at the very least.