Changelog MIUI ROM 3.5.17 Changelog

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Nov 6, 2010
Recommended updates this week
New - Add new version of desktop global search function
Optimisation - New compass calibration UI design
Optimisation - Add support for MP3 recording

Update Highlights

Full changelog
Fix - In some cases contact does not appear in the call log after recording
New - Add new version of desktop global search function
Fix - Panoramic pictures in some cases appear with fragments missing
Fix - In some cases third party apps opening camera display horizontal screen mode incorrectly
Optimisation - Speed improvements when browsing cloud albums
Fix - In some cases gallery cannot be opened
Fix - Some images when using the "fast" rotation will open and flash back to gallery
Fix - In some cases the headphone wire "Play" and "Pause" buttons fail
Fix - In some cases initialising the equaliser causes flash back to app
Fix - Third party (unofficial models) equaliser button dislocation issues
[File Explorer]
Optimisation - Improve identification of WPS office specific file types
Fix - In some cases when file is decompressed causes app to flash back to main screen
Fix - When accessing multiple storage devices, the file search cannot be opened
Optimisation - New compass calibration UI design
[FM radio]
Optimisation - Add support for MP3 recording
New - Guarded mode prohibits editing notes
Optimisation - Touch accuracy when clicking to enter edit mode from the detail page
Optimisation - New failed to load "Retry" button
Optimisation - "Collection" and "Unsubscribe" button icon styling
Optimisation - Filter dialogue box style
Optimisation - Video details page title can now scroll in the display (when long titles used)
Optimisation - Page "Loading" styling
Fix - Third party (unofficial models) cause app to flash back repeatedly
Fix - In some cases entering "Favourites" page and clicking an item will cause flash back to main app
Fix - Video details page problems when scrolling up
Fix - Clicking on category header picture causes flash back to main app in some cases
Apr 10, 2012
Awesome. Here's hoping softbrick bug for SGS2 is fixed soon, foolishly let my battery get low overnight and bang.
Mar 15, 2013
Dear Markhuk,
In version 3.5.10 the face unlock wasn't working for SGSIII
Anybody facing the same situation ???
Also i get samsung keyboard & cannot install MIUI keyboard,
MIUI weather still not working for Middle East Area,
Please Reply
May 13, 2012
Download the rom and check. But softbrick is due to kernel. Install jeboo or newest Syiah.
The soft-bricks are not due to the kernel, I'm a beta tester for the S2 on the MIUI English forums. My phone has been soft-bricked about 5-7 now, 3 of those times using different kernels. MIUI confirmed it was a ROM issue about 2-3 weeks ago and they still haven't resolved the issue.
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