New Miui V6 Gallery - Editing Results In Low Resolution Image

Jun 4, 2013
Hi, I'm not sure why this hasn't been reported (if it has, my apologies I have not found an existing thread for this).

In the MIUI v6 Gallery app, when you save any editing you do, the resulting image is much lower resolution than the original. Since I only have a mi2s, I can only confirm this is the case on that device. I've seen this in many of the MIUI v6 weekly dev releases as well as the current 5.7.16 ROM I'm on now.

Anyone see this same behavior on their devices too?

Here is an example. I just applied a Portrait filter to this image, and here is the file info for the original as well as the saved version. This sucks! I dont see why anyone would use the editing functions tbh!