Miui V6 Install Font

Dec 5, 2013

Currently I have the official V6 for my MS2 but with the 5.4.3 they change the font and now any special character is printed properly, like: í ï, etc.

I know the International version uses other font but I would like to not re-flash so I wonder if there is other method to use other font.

I tried to install a theme from the Miui Market, but I couldn't find any with those characters.

I found third party fonts supporting those character but with the new policy they are not allowed.

So... any other way to use other fonts? Recovery? Patching?

thank you.
Dec 5, 2013
I found how to remove the MIUI V6 default font. Just removing the entry in fonts.xml underl /system/etc/
Now the system cannot find the font so it used the default one.

My next intent will be to select one of the ttf manually using the fallback_fonts.xml.
Jul 10, 2014
You can do it this way, you can actually even change system emoji this way. Download the fonts, put it into system/fonts, change the rights to rw-r-r and modify fallback_fonts.xml accordingly.