MIUI Weather released FREE for all!


Founder of Xiaomi.eu
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Nov 6, 2010
Hi Everyone,

Please let me just take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of the 60+ donators who have contributed so graciously towards the funding of a Nexus S development phone to allow me to continue my work with MIUI on Gingerbread and hopefully beyond and provide everyone with more great mods and

I owe so much to everyone in this community, to say I am lost for words would be an understatement! Words really dont bring it into perspective how devoted everyone is in this community. Thank you so much!

I will work relentlessly to bring the Nexus S English pack first exclusively to MIUI Developers International community.

As a show of my and the development team here at miui-dev.coms appreciation we promise a suprise and a suprise you shall all have!

Without further delay I present to you MIUI Weather International Beta #1

Get it here! &gt; <a href="http://www.miui-dev.com/miui-weather/" target="_blank">http://www.miui-dev.com/miui-weather/</a>