[MOD] CyanogenMod 7 Keyboard. Adds more input languages

Discussion in 'MIUI Mods' started by fombuena, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. fombuena


    Nov 8, 2011
    Hi everyone

    I hope I'm posting this on the right place and it hasn't been done so many times before.

    Short description: I took the keyboard from CyanogenMod 7 and put it in update.zip-like file to replace the one included in MIUI ROM 1.11.4 (English version). I did this because I wanted to have more Input languages than the ones included in the ROM. Link at the end.

    Long description: Let me introduce myself quickly. After a few years using iPhones I got myself a Galaxy S2 last week. Although I like iOS but much more Apple as a hardware manufacturer, I've been using Linux for more than a decade now and I thought it was the right time to check Android out while awaiting for the iPhone 5 but also as a sort of punishment to Apple for all this patent lawsuit crap and iDon't listen what my costumers want because iHave decided what they want.

    Anyway, saying that I'm disappointed with Android or Samsung at this point is unfair as I need some time to get the best of them and learn to love them. I didn't fall in love the first time I tried Linux but eventually did it.

    Only time will tell!

    Coming to what you are interested in, after trying the stock firmware, CM7 and MIUI I decided MIUI is at the moment my cup of tea (no surprise here due to my iPhone background), but found that MIUI didn't have the Spanish keyboard available (at least the English version of MIUI).

    I don't care about the language of the ROM as soon as it's either English or Spanish, but I need the keyboard for the predictive test in both. There are some multilingual MIUI versions but they don't stop there and include more things according to my experience. I'd like to be proved I'm wrong and didn't come across the right ROM.

    As I saw that CM7 keyboard, which I understood is Gingerbread keyboard with a few tweaks, supports many languages including Spanish, I decided to take advantage of the biggest Android pro: you can do what you want as soon as you know how to do it.

    I took the keyboard app and a library from CM7 (for SGS2), copied taking care of perms and timestamps to MIUI and it worked. I haven't noticed any problem so far.

    As MIUI updates weekly, the way forward was to create an update.zip-like file that would install the keyboard again after the updates. And that's what I did after some hours of research about how to create the script that does the magic.

    The script is specific for SGS2 because it mounts /system according to what I found in the .zip files of MIUI and CM7 ROMs. I also used the update-binary of MIUI, so chances are that if you try this file in any other phone it won't work. Actually, before I succeeded I failed many times because the wrong syntax on the script and ultimately the wrong update-binary. Didn't crash anything, but wouldn't install even it said it did it.

    IT REPLACES YOUR CURRENT KEYBOARD. Please backup your current ROM first as you don't want to find yourself without a usable keyboard and no backup of the previous one if something goes wrong.

    I hope it helps someone else. More likely not many of you but as the job is done it's pointless not to share it.

  2. -Milo-


    Mar 12, 2011
    Thanks gonna try this one out, looking for this for a while.
    I prefer also more the stock miui look, but no dutch for input for stock MIUI. NDT MIUI has those packs, but like you said it adds more then what i want.

    Edit: it worked!! thanks a lot :cool:
  3. gn.twins


    Dec 12, 2011
    thank you for sharing!