[MOD] Extended MIUI Launcher - Scrollable Widgets Support


Sep 20, 2011
Extended MIUI Launcher

I'm a co-developer of Android Pro Widgets a set of powerful widgets (Try it!).
On MIUI our widgets use an unlock scrolling button because the MIUI launcher does not support scrollable widgets.
I decided to change that!

Extended MIUI Launcher adds support for scrollable widgets to the MIUI Launcher.
It is a based on the MIUI Launcher from 1.9.16 and also fixes a launcher lag bug.
MIUI is required. It won't work on any other ROMs.

  • Download the zip below
  • Put it in OpenRecovery/updates folder on your SD card
  • From recovery choose 'apply update' and select the zip.
  • You will need to apply the update each time you update your ROM because it will override Launcher2.apk.
  • Disclaimer: use at your own risk.
  • Dowload Here - Version 2
  • Use the busybox versions only if BusyBox is included in your OR.
  • If it doesn't install please report. You can always extract the apk and push it to /system/app.
  • Thanks MIUI Extended Settings developer for the installation script.

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