[MOD] Mms.apk : how to add space between name and phone number?

Jan 27, 2013

I compile my own ROM in French adding some addons (icons, etc).

I also mod some SMALI files to change MB unit in Mo unit (for instance).

I tried to also fix a bug for french language, let me explain it.
When I send a SMS, after I receive a notification that my friend received it : "Message received by %s." where %s is Name(number)
Unfortunately french language requires a space before the first parenthesis (in red).
I tried to find where mod files to fix it (not in language XML file).
So I guess, I have to mod a SMALI file but which one and where?
Perhaps, it is somewhere else (framework.jar?)...

Any help would be very appreciated

Jan 27, 2013
OK find the solution by myself :)
File classes.dex (decompiled) : MMS/com/android/mms/transaction/P.smali
Change the string "(" by " ("
Re-compile classes.dex and insert it the Mms.apk

Hope could be useful for others.