[MOD][Samsung Galaxy S3 - i9300] Center Clock, CRT-OFF and MORE....

May 20, 2013
Hey Guys!

I created a simple MOD for the Galaxy S3 i9300 running on MIUI 3.5.17. The MOD includes:

  • Removed IME Switcher prompt from Notifications, whenever you are typing the system will no longer prompt that annoying switcher.
  • All Rotations Allowed (90°, 180°, 270°).
  • Centered Clock when in Desktop.
  • Long Press to skip songs with any active Music Player.
Known issues:
  • When I implemented the long press to skip songs somehow it disabled the "Long Press Home Button" to bring the recent open apps, I´m trying to fix it right now, meanwhile if you want to use this mod you can use the custom actions under
    • Settings>Buttons and Keys>Long Press Screen Keys.
      • I selected Menu long press to kill active app and Back Long press to open the recent apps panel.
If you find any additional issue please let me know.
Aug 10, 2011
Just try 3.5.17 on 3.5.24.
Tried. Unfortunately there is a problem with menu button mapping. Even after settings reset and set mapping again to "Recent apps" for hardware menu button in Settings - there is no effect ater long press. MIUI without recent apps is quite unusable...
Aug 10, 2011
This is workaround only. I've tried this. I still cannot assign long press action to home button. Normally I have 3 long press actions assigned: cancel - kill app, home - recent apps, menu - google now.

We can always look for workarounds... but I don't understand why MIUI is not merging those patches (at least - CRT off, center clock is also nice but this never was in the official branch, CRT off was for years on many devices) with main branch for SGS3/m0.

Even if mods Author will update, week later with official MIUI update problem will be raised again.

Of course I'll be very happy if patch will be updated for .24 or better tomorrow's .31 :))
Aug 10, 2011
Or... the best solution is splited-out version of this mod: 5 patches/files for 5 mods. (IME, CRT, Rotation, Clock, Long Press) or version without Long Press which is causing problems.

Personally I'm interested only in CRT and Clock mods.

Please @Jimbo77, do this for us :D (Version without home key assignment for music player, or split-out)
Jul 19, 2012
@All i make a carrier Mod to display Carrier Logos i can Test it i dont have S3 at the moment..i can Post link to Test it?

Gesendet @HOSCHI@