Moving Miui Cn Stable To Miui Eu Stable

Jan 8, 2016
Hi, before all i´ve searching in forum but no finish conclusion to do this perfectly.
I have mi4c with offcial stable rom. I´m using coorporate mail with strong policies that detects rooted mobiles.

Can i move to miui Eu stable without touch boot , root etc.?.
I ´ve found stable eu image , but wich method can i used to install this rom without touch nothing .I´ve seen TWRP , flashify metthod but it are not valid for me
Thanks in advance.
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Jan 15, 2016
Hi Hardware,

I'm in a similar position, albiet I wish to go from the EU weekly to EU stable.

I am on a xiaomi.eu_multi_libra_5.12.31_v7-5.1 for my Mi4c. I wish to install the stable rom instead as I don't need root access and prefer to have stable software. I believe I need to use TWRP?

Will I need to install all apps again? Will settings also be lost?

I posted this in the Weekly Rom forum but people generally tend to ignore questions by newbies like myself...

Also I would like to point out that I tried searching for this topic however forum search is broken atm.


Jan 8, 2016
Finally i install TWRP and install stable , there is not other possibility.
ADB method requires a special image not disponible yet and update app need recovery TWRP scripts.
With stable, there is not root ,and coorporate mail (touchdown) accept it , works normally
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