Music app Lyrics and Album Art download Issue


Jan 18, 2011
Can anyone confirm the options to turn *OFF* downloading lyrics and album art is NOT
working? I've always had this problem since started using MIUI months ago and it never got least for me. I always wiped data/cache/dalvik when updating and did not use Titanium to back up/restore anything and have been following stiffspliff's guide for flashing every time. But the lyrics and the album arts won't just go away.
I tried deleting the lyrics/album arts in MIUI/Music folder but it would just re-download everything with the options turned off in the setting. Did I do something wrong?
Or can anyone confirm this please?

Thanks in advance
Yes mate I have that problem 2 its really annoying i have gone back to poweramp for now hope they get it sorted soon ive tried deleting everything in the miui folder and your right they keep coming back and the lyrics are always wrong!!!!!!!

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guess I'm not the only one with this issue.. let's hope this bug is fixed in the next release..
The only issue I have seen so far w/ the music app is the lyrics don't always work and are often times in Chinese. I don't think MIUI has its own database for these so it's probably not anything the MIUI team can do anything about. It's a non-issue really, because the music player is slick as hell w/o it.
Is there any way to install this player into other roms? My girlfriend wants it but doesn't like MIUI...she has Myn's.
This was posted in another thread, but you can use the monitor app's firewall to block miui music from connecting to the internet. this prevents it from downloading lyrics, but also prevents album art downloads (which were wrong for me most the time anyways)