Music control on phone for Car radio


Apr 20, 2011

I have really no idea if this is possible, how hard this could be to do and what it can require but :

1 - Would it be possible when I plug my phone on my car radio with USB to control the music with my phone instead of the radio itself ?

2 - Would it be possible to deport the sounds (calls, applications etc) on the car speakers ?

Let me know if I'm not very clear :)

PS : please don't answer something like "use a jack-jack cable" :)

Thanks !


May 27, 2011
2. That's a good question. I would also be interested in this.

What I would be really interested in would be some of iphone/ipod spoof program. Sadly, my stereo (and I think most ones out there) works way better with ipods than mass storage devices like this. If I want to navigate comfortably with my phone, it would literally be hours of setting up folders. With ipods, you just plug them up and the stereo does it A-Z, artist, whatever.