Music doesn't switch off on answering a call - HTC Desire


Jul 17, 2011
Much love for MIUI and wouldn't change it for any other rom. Just one issue with it at the moment though that happened 3 or 4 updates ago - if I receive an incoming call whilst using Poweramp the music continues. The caller can't hear it but I can. I usually end up ending the call and ringing them back with Poweramp off. I have checked settings and can't see anything obvious. Any ideas?
Does it play with any other player? (PlayerPro for example or just stock MIUI player) cus it may to be only PowerAMP bug..
Had a check and it seems to be a PowerAMP issue although the app has not been updated recently. Looks like I will have to switch back to the stock player. Bit lazy of me not testing it before. Think I'll email PowerAMP to let them know.

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This happen to me once but i use only stock music player the problem is not in PowerAMP.I now updated to 1.10.8 and hope to not repeat.
I just experienced this problem with the stock music player on build 1.10.8.

I was listening to some music, a call came in but the player didn't stop. Caller didn't hear the music but I could. Seems to be a bug as I couldn't find any settings relating to the issue within the music player.
I also have the impression this must be a bug. I've tested all podcast players (PocketCast, DoggCatcher, Beyondpod) I've been purchasing the last 2 years and they have the same problem as Poweramp. Google Listen works though but is not the best player out there. Would be greatly appreciated if this issue would be addressed soon. By the way, MIUI is awesome.
Regarding no pause od PowerAmp while answering the phone (I had the same issue):
Its just PowerAmp tweaks. Go to settings--> advanced tweaks--> Audio Focus change section. Enable all 3 of them. Worked for me.
PowerAmp v. 1.4, MIUI 1.10.21.

hope that helped.
I'm on MIUI 1.10.28. The problem with PocketCast I mentioned earlier is gone. Incoming calls pause my podcasts now. I suppose this problem was adressed with the latest updates.