Need help for understand Rom's


Feb 5, 2024
I'm taking the liberty of writing to you because I'm having a bit of trouble understanding all the Rom's in relation to my Xiaomi, what I should or shouldn't do...

I currently have a Mi 13 Ultra.
It's in CN version with global Rom.
(With multilingual update and OTA support).
I'm in France (EU).

Is it possible to install a Eu ROM on it instead of the CN ?
Which is better ? Change the ROM or keep the current version ?
I've also seen HyperOS 24.1.29 but if I understand correctly it's a modded version of CN. But is it a CN, EU or global I don't understand... ?
Is it useful in my case ? (in Eu, Fr)

Thanks in advance and sorry for the noob's questions... is a custom ROM, based on the CN official ROM for your device. It is not linked with the official Global ROM for Europe ( EEA).

Benefits of the X.EU ROM include modded applications, calls recording and support for GPay (you have a longer list in the ROM threads). I don't know how to determine what is specifically better for you, but a global ROM with an unlocked bootloader don't give a lot of benefits compared to X.EU.
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Ok many thanks, so according to you, the X.EU rom would be better than the one I currently have.

What I don't understand is why not put the EU Rom directly in place of the CN ?
Shouldn't services like Gpay work as if they were original ?

Why prefer the X.EU, (which is a modded CN) to a Eu (offical rom), for example ?
Why prefer the X.EU, (which is a modded CN) to a Eu (offical rom), for example ?
- Because if you use a Global (EEA) ROM in CN device, the bootloader "must" remain unlocked. This results in some applications not working (banking app, GPay, etc.).
- If you use the ROM you get more functions and the ability to use banking apps and GPay.
Okay, I understand better !
And I imagine that having the bootloader open all the time isn't good for hacking or leaking information.

So you all agree that X.EU is the best solution.

However, as my version has multilingual update and OTA support, it's worth taking the risk of upgrading to X.EU ?
And totally noob, I've never done that before...

And its better X.EU Dev ou Stable version ?

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Xiaomi 13 Ultra = codename ishtar ROM is multilingual, uses more MIUI apps instead of Google apps (SMS, Dialer "automatic call recording", etc.). Support for Google services, etc.
Update : You will get OTA notification but you have to update in bold. (only works with TWRP installed)
OTA aktualizace.png

How to install ROM:

Weekly version: is a developer ROM, faster available news but also the possibility of bugs. (release interval every weekend).
Stable: It should be more stable but may not have all available features. (release interval approximately 90 days)
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I'm coming back to you because I tried it tonight with your metods but I have a problem...

I do :
- ABD and fastboot installation PC.
- Installation xiaomi drivers on PC.
- Bootloader unlock et USB debunged.
- ROM stable ISHTAR on racine of Mi 13 ultra.
- Unzip TWRP toolkit
- Donwload TWRP (OrangeFox-R12.1_5-Unofficial-lime)
- Change name of Recovery.img on twrp.imget and put in on the TWRPtoolkit folder.
- Start phone in fastboot (power and down) and connect USB.
- Start installation with "[AB-rec]_install_twrp"
- After I have message : Installation down, disconect and reboot with Power and Up.
- But after, Phone boot on Miui Recovery 5 and not on TWRP.

Have I forgotten a step or missed something ?
I didn't understand the interest of the ABD software. It installs in C but is not used afterwards ?

(Side question : I saw " GPay Module download" on HyperOs 1.0 Stable release page, but where do I put this file.)

Many thanks.
Which TWRP did you use?
Show me the TWRPtoolkit folder.

" GPay Module download" is installed on the mobile as an application in the file manager.
Read the instructions in the manual carefully and follow them. Don't make up your own.
Does not follow instructions. You are mixing different procedures together.
You can use TWRP or Orangefox, not both (you used OF for another device).
Xiaomi 13 Ultra = ishtar

- Download TWRP for your model.
- rename to twrp
- put in TWRPtoolkit folder
- run the script "[AB-rec]_install_twrp"


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Perfect, phone boot on TWRP !
Touch don't works but with USB mouse its ok.

after instalation i have :

Failed to mount : (invalid argument)
system root
system ext
system dlkm

I choose Wipe dalvik or Reboot ?
After, I have to continue your tuto with Format Data, card/wip... ??
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- reboot into recovery
- wipe > Format Data > yes
- reboot into the system

After installing the ROM you should have done "Format Data". why don't you read
If the TWRP touch does not work for you, you can also install the ROM using the fastboot method.

I will no longer help you if you don't read/follow the instructions.
Sorry, I really try to follow precisely...
It may be English, but I'm following your tutorial word for word here :
I'm not yet at the "Format Data" stage.

I'm here : Installing recovery method (TWRP). (Allows OTA updates)
I boot on TWRP, after, Change language to english.
After "Instal", select source on racine, and finaly 'Flash".
TWRP do flashing and after I have this :

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The ROM installed correctly. (The error occurred due to imperfect TWRP)
Follow these steps:
- reboot to recovery
- wipe > Format Data > yes
- reboot to system


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Okay, we're good. I didn't dare go on because of the "failure" at the beginning.
I've just done it, the phone is on the "Xiaomi HyperOs" screen then I enter the classic configuration of a new phone.
I hope I won't have to bother you again, realy thanks again.
No problems so far, everything seems to be working.
A few french translations are missing, but nothing too serious.

Last question:
If I want to update to the next stable version of HyperOs, do I just have to do the tutorial again with the new version ?

To come back to your great tutorial, I'd like to make 2 observations :

First :
Specify that you have to choose the TWRP according to your phone.
Your link in the "- download TWRP" section even goes to "OrangeFoxR12".
Maybe add a list of TWRPs by phone (for noobs like me, this is where I made a mistake).

Clarify that if touch doesn't work in TWRP on the phone, it's possible to connect a mouse via adapter USB ->TYPE C and the mouse works on the phone screen with TWRP.

(And maybe in three, once the flash is done, go back to launch the wipe.)

Many thanks again @gogocar62 !!!
1) of course you have to select TWRP for your device (that's why there's also a table)
2) the TWRP download link goes to this page (I don't understand how you got to OrangeFox)
3) For anyone who doesn't have or doesn't have TWRP, there is an option to install it in fastboot.