[Need Help] Pc drivers & Dualboot

May 26, 2013
Hi guys,

I have a few questions i want to try android 4.4 kitkat. But i dont quite understand how this all works from a lot of reading this is what i picked up.

1) I can just have system partition 1 running MIUI and system partition 2 running Kitkat right?
Because in the clockworkmod topic it says that you cant run MIUI and AOSP or is this because that version of clockworkmod gets installed to partition 1?

2) My data partition will be split in 2 and i will need to make it bigger with the aries tool in order for Kitkat + google apps 4.4 to fit?

3) Where do i download the right drivers for my device (Windows 7)

I didn't find the drivers for my device anywhere so i downloaded "AdbDriverInstaller" and let it run. When i boot with power + volume down (fastboot) it shows up as "USB modem phone ADB port". And under device manager it shows as "SAMSUNG android phone" (Wich is weird since its a xiaomi mi2s)

Then when my phone is booted normally i see that it is still recouldnised as MI2 with a ! sign on it.
So i downloaded "MiPhone2.11.6.exe" and let it run afterwards my phone was detected.

Then i downloaded the Aries toolkit but when i extract it avast sees it as malware, so i disabled avast unzipped it and ran setup.exe. Now when i do option 3 (test) the program just disapears. So i just tried installing clockworkmod my device reboots into fastboot, shows this and reboots within 3 to 5 seconds.

Waiting to Device
Installing The CWM Recovery
Press any key to continue . . .
When i try to reboot to recovery (from the update app) it just shows me mirecovery and when i try to boot with "power + volume up" the screen just goes black and the phone reboots afterwards.

So this is where a am rightnow i cant even get clockworkmod installed. Unless i do it from this topic but then it puts te recovery on system 1 instaid of the recovery partition right?

Thanks in advance :)
Oct 28, 2013
Come on, all the info is here already, just read through some threads and you will have your answers, plus you will have a lot more knowledge which decreases the chane of bricking your phone. So just read the stickies and the CM threads/repartition threads/CWM thread.
All the information is already here!

1. Install CWM as described in the CWM thread. Enable true dualboot. Install kitkat rom on the system you want with small GAPPS (then no repartitioning is needed).

2. See 1.

3. You do not need aries toolkit if you just flash CWM via MiRecovery.

4. It is really easy and so many people have done this, so I wonder if you read enough, things should be clear for you, how else did other people manage to do this? I say this because flashing roms without knowledge about what might happen can damage your device. Stupid is as stupid does - Forest Gump ;)

Enjoy KitKat/CM!
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May 26, 2013
I allready did lots of other devices i even wrote this tutorial for the ZTE skate a few years ago LINK so a gorrila could do all this. The problem is that i cant get the right drivers to work and the tools dont do what they are suposed to do.

I already read all the threads :) In the CWM topic it just says that i can just rename the latest recovery to update.zip then flash it trough mi recovery to system one.

But on the last page Linuxx says "Use ariestoolkit cuz flashing cwm on a system partition may cause problems with tdb and ROM flashing"

I dont understand why i cant just use "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img" when i do this it does the same as when use the aries tool the device reboots and clockworkmod isnt on the phone...

For now i just flashed it like the clockworkmod topic said. (trough mirecovery)

1) I dont mind repartitioning.

2) CWM topic says "You can't install AOSP and MIUI on one phone"

3) Miflash doesnt even find a device wich is the main problem.

4) I know many people have managed to do this, and in my experience to perm brick something you will have to do really really stupid. Are there really people who have perm bricked there phones because i cant find any examples. :)

Anyway thanks for the help! :)


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Jan 12, 2013
You can install AOSP and MIUI on one phone with TrueDualBoot.
TrueDualBoot is a feature of CWM (CWM > advanced > truedualboot) which splits your data in half.
One half for system1 the other for system2.

In Miflash is a .exe to install drivers for windows.

And yes you don't have to use ariestoolkit.
Fastboot as you mention is the same thing.
Also flashing with MiRecovery shouldn't be a problem.
Oct 28, 2013
I already read all the threads :) In the CWM topic it just says that i can just rename the latest recovery to update.zip then flash it trough mi recovery to system one.
Ok, my bad. Well then you should just try ;) Or do as redmaner says, or as I've stated below.
I already read all the threads :) In the CWM topic it just says that i can just rename the latest recovery to update.zip then flash it trough mi recovery to system one.
That is all you have to do. Easiest way I guess.

Repartitioning is not needed when using small GAPPS, I personally would only use KitKat to try it, because there still is huge battery drain in those roms. So for testing I would not yet repartition. Allthough it is really easy, takes an hour max.

I had some trouble with the drivers too, so I used this: www.adbdriver.com/downloads/
It recognized my M2S as Nexus 4 and installed the drivers without any problems while being connected to my Win7 64bit pc (phone was in CWM I believe).

For rom flashing I have not used ADB as it is not neccesary, for repartitioning I did use ADB (only way lol). I decreased my app data and increased internal SD to about 27GB :)

Good luck!
May 26, 2013
I fixed the drivers not sure how tough lol :D I Managed to get WIUI on partition 1 and stock Kitkat on partition 2.

I followed this tutorial : LINK its prety clear and easy. maybe it can help someone.

Also I already re-partitioned my phone before I read I didnt need to :p So now I have less on my data partiton does anyone know how much I have left now?

Since the gapps for 4.4 need very much space wee need bigger system partitions.
I've created a script which automates this process and increases them both to 840MB.
the space is taken from the user data partition.
So it takes 1680mb from my data partition what is the stock size of the data partition?

I made a backup from my WIUI and just restored it to system 1 so now when i want to update MIUI i will always need to download the ROM and flash it trough CWM now right, because the updater app will remove CWM and break truedualboot and f*ck everything up right?

Also i used the Ivan CWM do i need to change back to M1cha's one? And to i still flash this trough clockworkmod to system1?

Thanks for the help guys after some reading most of it makes sense now :)
Oct 28, 2013
Come on dude, all your questions have been answered already. THINK!
Stupid is as stupid does ~ Forest Gump

A question for you now, why do you ask other people to calculate the room you have left for apps?
I really wonder why???? If you would have read the thread like you were supposed to you would already know! (Or if like I said, think, the information is right there in your phone, you can just look it up).
Btw I think you screwed up by taking way to much MB from your data partition, but like I said, people who do not read will screw up. "Why won't it read" lol.
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