xiaomi14 flash twrp failed(solved)


Nov 4, 2023
my xiaomi 14 runs chinese rom and it has recovery partition, and commend "fastboot flash recovery_ab"worked when i flash twrp

so when i switch to hyperOS.eu after stable version is released, i thought that command might be useful too. But i failed. TWRP showed for a while and auto back to fastboot.

And when i look through images of hyperOS.eu, i found that there are vendor_boot.img but no recovery.img, so it doesnt have recovery partition? Am i right?

And whats the correct command i should type? "fastboot flash vendor_boot_ab"?

TWRP links: https://sourceforge.net/projects/re...twrp-3.7.0_12-v8.3_A14-fuxi-skkk.img/download

Thank you for your help.
You cannot use TWRP designed for Xiaomi 13 (fuxi) when your device is Xiaomi 14 (houji).
You must use TWRP designed for your device.

To install TWRP, you use the command:
fastboot flash recovery_ab recovery.img
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