Netflix in PIP Mode is black and other bugs


Apr 19, 2021
Hello, for some reason Netflix in pip mode is black, there is no visible content.
In the official version of the Xiaomi rom, yes.
Like in the image, Any solution?

Other bug: I have come across several quite annoying bugs with floating notifications. The first is that, sometimes, floating notifications stay below the notification bar, preventing the use of bubbles and even moving them because the status bar is at the top. And there is no way to remove the bubble (neither by disabling the bubble notifications, nor by reading the message, nor by closing the app).

In addition, when using the bubble and having the application locked with a fingerprint or password, it asks for your fingerprint but it does not appear anywhere on the screen, and if you give it to use the pin or password, the box to enter it appears but half of he.

I don't know if it is the correct place to report this, sorry if it is not. I give it to you here because I don't know if it corresponds to Xiaomi or

Device and version: Xiaomi Mi 9T Stable 12.1.2, Android 11


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