New Network operator FC


Mar 20, 2012
Entering >Mobile Networks Settings > Network operators on SGS2 causes FC and disconnect from the network. Hopefully it re-connects to the network in matter of seconds.

So I guess this has something to do with this item in the changelog:
Optimise the operator selection interface, to avoid misuse

Confirmed on my SGS2.

There are no probs connecting to the network, and after the FC it reconnects quickly. However, if you'd travel to another country you probably can't connect to another network..


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Apr 11, 2012
i have been using the roms here on ma sgs2, until about 4 weeks back someone told me abt the scottish version and i thought of giving that a shot... so i tried that i liked it.. :p
the reason for liking it was that the stock android keyboard that came with the rom worked better than the keyboard from miuiandroid...
the auto correct and predictions (without changing any settings) worked better on miui scottish) ...
but since miui scottish shutdown... i handt updated ma fone..

and last night i finally downloaded 2.7.13 and updated it.. and m in s**t trouble..
am a flight attendant with a domestic low cost carrier and in a day i do atleast 3 different cities..
and for some reason when i land the fone never auto connects to a network i have to go to network settings and select the network...
and its not an issue wid my sim card of my network provider (the same sim works fine on my old nokia e71)
so i need to go into network settings to get on to network.. and it fc's and doesnt get any network...
and am stuck with a beautifull fone wid a brilliant rom.. but only bug is that i dun have any network on it... :(

any solutions to ma prob... !!!


Mar 20, 2012
Kick! Still there :(

I'm going on a holiday soon, abroad, so really want this fixed! I think that this should be a priority bug.

(But I doubt it, so I have a dual boot now :p )