New Dual Core Phones


Jan 9, 2011
I'm planning to buy one of those dual core phones (LG optimus 2X, motorola atrix, motorola bionic,..) as soon as they come out! :D
I'd like to have MIUI supported on my new phone so I'm only gonna buy a supported one..
But i'd like to know which are gonna get a MIUI Rom ?
first depends on which of the phones are rooted. we'll see if motorola locks the bootloader down like usual :/
Wink HI!:p

I was wondering if someone can build a MIUI ROM for the LG Optimus 2x aka. STAR
And it been nice if we get the full flash on this mobile.
The all new drivers from Optimus 3D that works with 2x if it possible.

I had a Htc HD2 before my LG STAR and it cames updates every day taken from another phones.

Fun phone as hell but the hardware is no longer enough

Sorry for my english. I hope you guys anderstand what I mean!