New lockscreen and music controls


Feb 18, 2011
Hi All,

Running 1.3.18-Froyo on Evo, and I have a question about music controls on the new lockscreen. I use poweramp for music; in the previous versions, when music was playing, the music controls would show automatically. This was convenient because I could just power up the screen and change tracks. With the new lockcreen, I have to double-tap on the time button on the lockscreen to bring up the controls. Not a big deal, but I was wondering if the devs purposely took away the previous functionality, or if it is still being implemented. Also, is the behavior I've just described true on the 1.3.25 GB version as well?

Right, I know double-taping works. I was previously on 1.2.25, and when music was playing, the controls showed automatically. Wondering whether the fact they do not show anymore while music is playing is a bug / functionality change / future to be implemented. It was just convenient... :)