New [OneX] 2.6.15 - Minor Lockscreen Bug With Fix

Mar 22, 2011
Probably F.A.O.

As per title, a minor problem has been highlighted to me with the lockscreen on the HTC ONE X
on the lockscreen
double click to bring up the music controls
the record animation spins but only whilst the unlock icon animation is going
it spins properly when on charge so its a framerate setting issue.

easily resolved for me by quickly changing;
/system/media/theme/default/lockscreen > advance/manifest.xml
noting that the default framerate is set to 0
changed to 30 and all is good. im not sure if this would be better controlled with a <FramerateController> but i couldnt get it to work with the rotate animation

but after looking at the galaxynexus manifest that is perma set to 50fps so i dont think setting this to 30 will have any bad effects

EDIT - Looking at previous builds that have had Framerate="50", i went and just applied 50 to it and its running ok

if anyone wants it you can download it here

copy to /sdcard/MIUI/theme/
load up themes app
choose mixed
then choose Anim Fix and apply



Script Gatekeeper
Oct 31, 2011

What is strange though is we have the same lockscreen for all the phones (xhdpi and hdpi). So for the values to be different per phone, makes me think our build system was having some errors.