New Mi-ONE Plus user - update questions

Nov 12, 2012
I recently got my MI-One phone and I'm loving it.

I've got some questions regarding updates:

1) My phone came with 2.9.14 installed, but when I run the Updater app it says 'You already have the latest version installed'. I know that there are more recent versions available (latest being 2.11.9). Does the Updater app only check for stable releases or something like that?

2) Are the weekly development ROM updates usually stable? Do people tend to keep up to date with these?

3) Do I need to manually download the ROMs and copy to SD card to install them, or is there an 'over the air' update option?

Sorry for the newbie type questions.
Mar 29, 2012
1: updater app dont always show what is latest since it connects to a server with the update and that server is not directly connected to the releases from this website i think. You can choose to only check monthly stable releases or weekly releases in the settings of the updater app.

2: I always update to the weekly releases only a few times have i ever seen any problems with using them and if it happened it was my own fault since i had the newest update and a very old version of miui on the other system so that caused issues. So short answer yes it safe and yes its stable to update every week :) If any issues do happen Xiaomi and/or is quick to give info about what happened and with a fix for the problem :).

3: You need to manually download the rom and transfer it to sd card unless you log into the site from your phone and download that way. There is in over the air update function and this is the update app but not sure how fast that gives you the latest update and if it connects to Xiaomi server update or the updates :)