Newbie Question


Jun 2, 2011

Only discovered Miui last week so still finding my way around. However, on my HD2 is is blisteringly quick so I don't see any need to go back to previous ROMs.

I would like to know if there is a way to update my current Miui install with the latest build or is it a clean install each time?

If it is a clean install what is the recommended procedure to make it as painless as possible?

Thanks in advance

John Walker
I recommend a clean install each and every time just to be safe. That's my opinion though.

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Also a newbie, sort of, so sorry for the hopefully-not-too-obvious question.

Doesn't a clean install remove all your apps as well? Just curious..
If you're already on MIUI you don't need to do a clean install to update, just wipe cache partition and dalvik cache then flash the deodex followed by the language pack :)

However just as The Batman said a clean install is sometimes better although it is a hassle so I'd recomend just making a nandroid or backup with the bundled backup app in case anything goes pear shaped.
So if I understand you correct. I can use the bundled MIUI backup app to backup and restore my app settings? I am assuming that I can use that tool to restore app settings if i needed to do a full wipe of data and cache after reinstalling the app?

Just cuious, I wasn't sure what the MIUI backup did that the ROM Manager backup didn't do.
MIUI backup is great. It backs up to SD card so your stuff is safe when wiping fresh. It backs up/restore apps, app data (settings/angry bird levels), and even desktop screens so your apps are put back in the same places they were. If they aren't restored to the right place just make sure you restore desktop screens AFTER restoring apps and data or it won't know where to put things and you end up with apps all over. Also, only restore what you need and not everything you backed up (but DO backup everything). I always accidentally restore contacts even though google (I guess) somehow restores them when I log into my google account, so I end up with 2 or 3 of each contact. So check what you need first. Its also the best choice I think because the app always comes with your fresh install, so you don't need to download an app to restore your info like titanium or others.
@memolino1, this is great news. I was wondering what the MIUI backup had over other backup software like Titanium.. I will give this a go and report back how it went. Going to give 1.6.10 a try over the weekend.
Be advised that, in 1.6.10, the Desktop Screens don't seem to restore properly. I lost icons to half of my apps and almost all of my system apps. So, for this build (should be fixed in next week's release), don't restore the Desktop Screens. Just reorganize everything manually for now. I wish I had a better workaround for you, but sometimes weird bugs like this happen. Like I said, it should be fixed in the next release, so feel free to keep making Desktop Screens backups.
How about restoring app settings/saves? Any word on whether that is effected? I can live with reorganizing my apps and even re-installing, but if I have to play the same first 10 angry birds levels, they are going to have to add a new angry bird to the game :mad: