News & Weather/Genie Widget Problem

Jan 22, 2013
Hi Guys.

I just received my Xiaomi MI2 from ******* today and I successfully flashed the latest build of MIUIAndroid ROM - 3.1.19.

Everything is running great, however I cant seem to get one app, rather a widget to work.

Im attempting to install the stock Android Genie Widget aka the News & Weather widget. I have installed it before successfully on a MIUI ROM on the S2 as well as other Android devices and I know others have managed to do it to.

But it wont install. It keeps coming up with 'Application not installed' in red. I have tried installing it as a regular APK and have also pushed it to system/app via Root Explorer. I checked the permissions are right: rw-r--r--.

Still no luck. It wont install, nor will the widget show up in the widget tray. Its a shame as its one of the best widgets available on stock Android/AOSP.

Can someone please help?

Jul 13, 2014
Thanks for the file. When I upgraded my redmi note to miui 25 I lost this app. I was able to install it without copying to the folder you mentioned.

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