Nexus One WiFi Disconnects


Aug 21, 2011

Since updating from 1.6.24 to 1.8.5 I now have a problem with wifi disconnecting constantly. I have also tried 1.8.12 and 1.8.19 and the same problem exists.

Looks like there are several people experiencing the problem, but no solution exists.

Is there any chance of someone reading this and fixing it, should I raise the issue elsewhere or do I have no hope of a fix and need to change ROM?

Thanks for the help. Yes it was the same issue, I have no idea how to fix the bug, but it pointed me in the right direction. I changed my home router to ensure it did not supply an infinite lease time, this problem only occurs on infinite lease, this could explain why not all people get it. Anyway now I have set a lease of 2880 seconds I am fairly confident the problem has gone away.
Take a look at the current nightly thread. It may be that they have fixed it in cm nightly 176. If this is so, that will be good for us because I believe that Miui is still using CM7 kernel. The wireless problems began after the 2.3.5 merge and so with a fix, hopefully it will be incorporated into the next miui build.
I tried the latest version of MIUI and the wifi drop issue is STILL there on my Nexus One. Very frustrating, to say the least. Going back to OxygeN1.