[Nexus S] Is 2.6.8 supposed to have the stock ICS keyboard?


Jun 18, 2011
Hey all!

I just flashed MIUI 2.6.8 for my Nexus S. One thing that struck me as odd is that I still have the "normal" ICS keyboard, the black and blue themed one. Isn't it supposed to be themed to look more like the rest of MIUI? So orange and black or something?

I know not everything in MIUI is themed. Some things still look like they looked on vanilla ICS. When you have to enter your email-address for the play store for example. I don't really care about that, but to have the keyboard themed like the rest of MIUI would be cool.

Thanks in advance!
Grab SwiftKey keyboard from market. It has orange-black theme (pumpkin) which will fit Miui look.

I think Miui has more important things to do than theming keyboards...

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You can also download swype....... That has a fantastic theme....

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No themes for the stock ICS keyboard? Just something orange, I don't care if it's black or white. I just don't like to install too much third party apps.
But why? Swipe or SwiftKey are much better keyboards than any ics stock.

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That's true. I'm downloading swype as we speak. I've used it before and I quite liked it. Thanks for your help!