Nginx Upgrade - Server Maintenance

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Nov 6, 2010
Hi everyone,

The database / caching optimisations last week have helped significantly in a lot of areas with the sites overall performance, to that end I am going to be working on totally making Apache redundant in our server setup to further reduce CPU / Memory footprints.

As our server is multi-purpose there is always a need to give more resources to some processes we run in the backend, for that this maintenance is needed to ensure everything; including the site runs smoothly.

Over the next few days please expect some service disruption if you are visiting, additionally in May 2018 there will be a new 'Public Security Pin' for our SSL/HSTS Preloading which is now in Google Chrome Browser by default from Google. I don't expect the same issues as last year with the HTTPS Credential and Transport Errors but bare in mind to watch out for my notices about the SSL update which will take place around May 8th 2018.

All disruptions will be kept to a minimum and outside of the busy periods were possible and practical.


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Upgrade completed successfully... RIP Apache! YOU WERE A BITCH!
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