No answer to ARP when screen off

Jan 29, 2013
I have the same problem as with the Nexus 4 (not a surprise). Wifi is set to run always. After the screen is off I can ping the phone for some time since the MAC of the phone is still in the cache of the PC.

If I wait for one-two minutes and check that the phone MAC was erased (or erase manually by "arp/d *" at a cmd prompt), the phone doesn't reply to ping anymore.

If I re-add the phone to the neighbor list (arp -s <ip-addr> <mac-addr>), it starts pinging again. This proves that the problem is not that the phone Wifi goes to sleep, but that it is awake and does not respond to ARPs.

My phone runs WIUI 3.2.22. I guess it has the same baseband/kernel as MIUI 3.2.22