No charging at low battery level.


Apr 13, 2022
Charger (2A) and cable are from Samsung. Sometimes my 11T is not charged at all, although it shows that the charging goes. This sometimes usually occurs if the level is below 40%. Now, while I'm typing this - it's stuck at 35%. This happened several times. Cable reconnection doesn't help. For almost 2 hours at such "charging", the battery level decreased from 35% to 32%.

If the smartphone is connected to the native Xiaomi charger and cable, then fast charge starts immediately (MI TURBO CHARGE). I didn't notice other problems with the battery (for example, a quick discharge). It also doesn't seem that the smartphone was loaded and the battery simply didn't have time to charge. The smartphone was not heated at all and was not loaded with something.

Previously, to this cable and charger was connected Samsung F20 SE and there were no such problems. Doesn't all this be unified? It doesn't look like bad contact.