USB audio keeps disconnecting with external Chord Mojo DAC


Nov 6, 2023
Hi all,

I have a Pocophone F1 running MIUI 12.0.3 (latest update). I am using an OTG cable (Anker, USB-C) to connect the phone to a Chord Mojo DAC. I am also using the USB Audio Player Pro app (UAPP) to play music through the Mojo. The app uses its own HiRes Audio internal driver, and it starts up as soon as the USB DAC is connected. On the Pocophone, it sometimes does not start up, but unplugging it and re-plugging it eventually works. However, the worst problem is that after a few minutes of playback, the "usb device detaches" – and in one case the app reported that there was an "USB failure: Could not submit USB transfer". This is quite annoying and basically prevents me from using the Pocophone with the Mojo. I also have an old Xiaomi MI5, which works perfectly with the Mojo via the same OTG cable and the UAPP. This is not related to any issues with the physical connection between the Mojo and the phone, which is quite secure.
I would like to ask whether this is a lost cause and I should replace the Pocophone F1, if I want to use a phone with the Mojo, or whether there is a fix for this problem (an unofficial USB driver or Android version) that would make the usb audio connection on the Pocophone as stable as on my old MI5.

Thank you.