Not exactly "bug" -- contact display in dialer and lockscreen audio player issues


Oct 12, 2011
Not sure if this is the right forum, so please let me know and I'll repost, or feel free to move if you're a mod.

Two changes that would greatly improve usability:

1. Phone number display in dialer unclear -- does not indicate type of phone number so it is impossible to choose which phone number to call. Look at the screen shot below or (click here):


Notice that there are multiple contact items for Neil but it is not easy to know which one is which. If I wanted to call his mobile number, how would I know which one to choose? It would be nice to see the type of contact indicated here.

2. Often while my phone is in my pocket, and locked, the music player starts playing. Probably the screen comes on and the double-tap turns on the music player. Once this was very embarrassing because it played a recorded call through the speaker without me knowing. Besides, what if someone finds the phone and can listen to recorded calls or other personal media items? There should be a way to disable this feature so that no media can be played while the phone is locked.